BHS introduces further Capacity surcharges for road transport as from 1st of August 2018


The continuous growth in the European trade combined with the continuous lack of truck drivers is continuingly causing lack of loading capacity for the transport industry.


The situation is still the same in most of Europe where the combination of higher demand, lack of truck drivers as well as lower productivity due to traffic disruptions and new legislations is causing capacity challenges as well as extra costs for the transport industry.


Also at BHS we are unfortunately experiencing continuingly increasing costs for loading capacity. Until now we have absorbed a part of these increasing costs ourselves. However, as it is currently our expectation that these costs will remain or even escalate, we are unfortunately forced to introduce yet another capacity surcharge of 3,75% on all our international road transports as from 1st of August 2018. The surcharge will appear separately on your invoice.


We are sorry to announce this surcharge in the middle of the holiday period, but we hope for your understanding for this extraordinary cost increase, which is beyond our control.


Your normal contact person do of course remain at your disposal for any possible questions you may have.


Yours faithfully

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